About Pharmex Direct Pharmacy

Pharmex Direct Pharmacy is a Canadian pharmacy unlike any other – specializing in long-term or maintenance medications, we strive to provide quality care, convenience and savings through our highly qualified pharmacy team in Oakville, Ontario.

Pharmex Direct Pharmacy is fully accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. Our pharmacists are duly licensed by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and are easily accessible for confidential counseling by telephone.

Unlike most pharmacies, Pharmex was built by individuals experienced in the insurance industry. The staff understands benefit plans and works to balance the care of their patients , employees, with the need to effectively manage the plan.

This understanding allows Pharmex to work with benefit consultants to create unique solutions to help plan sponsors. Our cost assistance solutions can be of benefit to our patients.

Get Your Medication At Your Doorstep

Get your Medication at your Doorstep

Our goal is to process and delivery your prescriptions within 24-48 hours of receipt.
Your medications are delivered in a discreet tamper-resistant package with no identifying marks as to the contents or source. Pharmex uses a number of different couriers including Priority Courier, Purolator and Fedex.